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Wild ParkI decided to create this blog after learning that a devastating poison is being used in many of the public parks that me and my dog visit each day in Austin, Texas.

It wasn’t just that I was likely coming into contact with this poison that inspired me to take some action, it was the way in which I found out.  The product in question is RoundUp herbicide, aka gylphosate that is produced by the Monsanto Corporation.
Scientific studies have linked exposure to glyphosate to genetic damage, autism, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, behavior disorders, birth defects, obesity, and heart disease.  This herbicide is currently being used in at least 38 public areas within the City of Austin.  Most of these areas are parks, some of which are on the banks of the Colorado River, however some of the areas are public museums and one public elementary school.

The City does not have a method for alerting anyone that an area has been sprayed with RoundUp other than small signs, sometimes only 4-5 inches high.  The signs are usually placed within an area that has been sprayed with the poison.  This does not give someone the option to avoid effected areas.  I have found myself in areas that were recently sprayed with RoundUp only AFTER me and my dog had walked through much of the area on three different occasions.  RoundUp has been the cause of seizures in dogs and, in fact, my dog had an unexplainable seizure after eating off of the grass and pavement in an area that had been sprayed.  The diagnosis of the vet was that she had ingested some type of toxin.

Tofino Sunset

I contacted the City of Austin to address the inadequate procedure for alerting people that an area had been sprayed with RoundUp and I was asked to provide them with suggestions for alternative methods.  I suggested PSAs on local radio and TV stations but never heard back about this.  However signs and PSAs will not be entirely effective anyway due to the fact that many of the areas that are being sprayed with gylphosate are on the banks of the Colorado River by which the poison can be dispersed to other areas.

I hope to find ways of getting the City of Austin to re-examine the insane practice of using RoundUp in public parks, etc.   I believe it is allowed to continue mainly because most people don’t know that it is going on.  Hopefully this blog will help inform the citizens of Austin that they and their children and pets are being exposed to one of the most devastating toxins on the planet and that will create some type of civic action to stop the madness.

There is an easy way you can help!  Please consider visiting the “Sample Letter” tab.  There you will be able to print  a letter that you can sign and send to the mayor and city council members urging them to stop using RoundUp in our city’s parks.   Mailing addresses and fax numbers for all city council members are provided on the “Contact the City Council” tab.  You could help make a BIG difference for you and your family with just a few minutes of your time.  Letter writing campaigns have proved successful for facilitating change so taking a few minutes to get a hard copy letter in the mail or sent via fax would be a great help.  However you can also email city council members at the URLs provided for each member.  Also, it just takes a few seconds to sign our petition that will be sent to the city council members of Austin, Texas.  You can access the petition from the tab “Sign Our Petition.”

RoundUp Sign


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