Contact the Austin City Council


Letters to the mayor and all city council members can be addressed to:

PO Box 1088

Austin, Texas 78767

Below are the names of all city council members, the URLs for emailing them, and their phone and fax numbers.  Please consider sending them a hard copy letter via snail mail or fax.  Letter writing campaigns have proved effective for facilitating change.  However you can always email, fax, or call and please consider signing our petition that you can access from the “Sign Our Petition” tab.

Lee Leffingwell, Mayor

P: 512 974 2250

F: 512 974 2337

Sheryl Cole, Mayor Pro Tem, Council Member, Place 6

P: 512-974-2266

F: 512-974-1890

Chris Riley, Council Member, Place 1

P: 512-974-2260

F: 512-974-3212

Mike Martinez, Council Member, Place 2

P: 512-974-2264

F: 512-974-1887

Kathie Tovo, Council Member, Place 3

P: 512-974-2255

F: 512-974-1888

Laura Morrison, Council Member, Place 4

P: 512-974-2258

F: 512-974-1886

Bill Spelman, Council Member, Place 5

P: 512-974-2256

F: 512-974-7655


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