Have You and Your Family Been Exposed?

Girl Holding PlantsBelow is a list of public parks, museums, and schools that the City of Austin sprays with RoundUp herbicide aka glyphosate.

If you visit these areas it is likely that you, your children, and your pets have been exposed to this highly toxic, non-selective poison.

Also, many of these areas are on the banks of the Colorado River by which the poison can be spread to other areas.



  • Auditorium Shores
  • Austin Recreation Center
  • Bailey Park
  • Bat Triangle
  • Brentwood Neighborhood Park
  • Butler Park
  • Camacho Recreation Center
  • Dougherty Arts Center
  • Emma Long Metropolitan Park
  • Festival Beach
  • Fiesta Gardens
  • Great Hills Neighborhood Park
  • Holly Shores & Overlook
  • Longhorn Shores
  • Mabel Davis Park
  • Mary Francis Baylor Clarksville Park
  • Mayfield Park
  • Mexican American Curtural Center
  • Mountain View Park
  • Northwest Balcones Neighborhood Park
  • Northwest Park
  • Northwest Recreation Center
  • Palmer Events Center
  • Parks & Recreation Main Office
  • Pease Park
  • Quail Creek Park
  • Ramsey Park
  • Scofield P ark
  • SkatePark
  • South Pfluger Bridge
  • Tanglewood Park
  • Tarrytown Neighborhood Park
  • Trailhead Neighborhood Park
  • Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park
  • West Austin Park
  • West Enfield Park
  • Zilker Elementary
  • Zilker Park

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